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Polycondensation Plants for

  • alkyd resins
    • short oil
    • middle oil
    • long oil
  • polyester resins
    • unsaturated
    • saturated
  • phenolic resin
    • resole
    • novolak
  • urea resins
  • melamine resins

Polymerization Plants for

  • acrylic resis
  • acrylic emulsion
  • polymere emulsions

Polyaddition Plants for

  • polyurethane resins
  • polyurethandispersions

Equipment for the Production of Binders for Printing Inks

Tankfarms for

  • raw materials
  • finished products

Cooling and Chilled Water Plants

Thermal oil plants

Steam generators

Secondary circuits


Sampling valve „EasySamp“

Design, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of Process Plants of all Kinds for the Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Area.

With 30 years of experience Händel & Starck Engineering are specialists in innovative process engineering and plant construction. The engineering service with it´s expertise in process engineering stands for quality and reliability right from the first conception over to development and assembly up to the final going into operation. Our customers´ trust in us is based on our performance.

Specializing in Innovative Engineering Solutions

Our plant engineering company is specializing in complete synthetic resin plants with their pertinent peripheries. We are supplier of alkyd,- polyester,-urea,- phenolic,- acrylic,-resin plants as well as plants for binders, polyaddition or polymer emulsion plants. These excel by their highly efficient heating and cooling systems with up to 6 heating and cooling zones. Combined with optimized agitators constant and first class product quality with minimum charging times and lowest energy costs is archived.

Components such as mixing vessels/reactors, agitators, packed column, distillation unit, receiver and separator, thinning or cooling tank, filtration, filling station and auxiliaries come from one single supplier. 100% monitoring guaranties constant maximum product quality with optimum charging times.

Our service range as process engineering company also comprises optimum solutions for cooling and chilled water systems, individual conceptions of storage tank farms for raw materials respectively finished products, conception and supply of inert gas and pressure air systems as well as automatic and semiautomatic pilot plants.

Furthermore we plan oil or gas fired energy centers according to your individual requirements. Thanks to intensive consulting and close cooperation we can perfectly integrate specific requirements and preferences into our planning. Together with our customers we are also perfectly able to plan and supply plants outside our core competence.

Innovation and Best Consulting for Industry
Thanks to years of experience and constant progress in plant construction and process engineering we are in a position to apply innovative technologies, a benefit not only for our customers and profitability of their companies but also for the environment.

Trust in the Performance of Our Plants for Industry. Your Engineering Service Händel & Starck

Our customers can fully rely on our know-how as process engineering experts. Optimum coordination of processing plant with individual requirements, use of comprehensive knowledge, maximum diligence and compliance with German respectively European regulations such as Product Safety Act or Pressure Equipment Directive are fundamental for customer optimized plants in view of safety and protection of the environment.

Economic efficiency is the basic principle in the supply of all process plants operating in hazardous or non-hazardous areas.