Cooling and chilled Water Plants

Each  design starts with the analysis of the basic data. For cooling water plants these are the average cooling power required, the maximum power requirements, the required temperature level or also the required temperature levels and the quality of the available fresh water , in order to allow for pretreatments if necessary.

Of course, also the environmental conditions are to be considered when defining whether a cooling tower can reach the necessary temperature level. With this information you are able to decide whether the cooling power required can be created only by the cooling/chilling plant or whether you have to install an additional buffering tank or basin in case of requirement fluctuation.

This must be analyzed for each individual case, in order to be able to offer the best technical solution for your requirements. A continuous monitoring of the water quality and the treatment with appropriate chemicals, as well as a sludge sedimentation in case of over concentrations is an integrant part of the cooling water plants.

Of course, facilities that need to be cooledhave to be considered as well. Depending on the water qualities, it might be better for the customer to install secondary circuits in case of chemical instability. Whether the chilling machine will be air or water cooled depends on different factors e. g. the cost for primary energy like electrical power or cooling water.